Time-Management Techniques To Increase Efficiency In Studies

Planning your study, having a strategy, and time management are all key parts of preparation for competitive exams. Time Management becomes crucial when it comes to planning, structuring, and strategizing in the right manner.

Earlier it was difficult to manage time as everything was offline and there were no quick ways to study or find solutions. For example, solving a doubt requires extensive research from a pile of books where it could take ages to search for a particular solution. Or otherwise, we would require a personal teacher or a mentor to help solve doubts and clear concepts. It made it very difficult to prepare for tough entrance exams like NEET.

This has been made a lot easier today due to the rise in new methods that involve technology. The various new steps include:

1) Online classes:

There are platforms available today that provide online coaching for various subjects and exams. These classes can be taken from the comfort of one’s home, saving students time and effort when it comes to traveling.

This is a major time-saving concept that allows a student to have a guide and help with concepts and clear topics without having to travel or research through loads of pages. Online classes have been growing in popularity recently thanks to such time-saving methods. Be it academic or something related to a hobby, time management is made easy with online coaching.

2) Online research:

Self-study is easy and convenient today. Online search engines provide the student with a massive database of thoughts, ideas, and topics that can help with solving doubts, no matter how big or small.

Search engines have a collection of information from various sources, giving the reader different points of view to analyze and find the best possible answer.

The process of self-studying is a lot quicker with such a system and incredibly effective as the particular topic can be typed and filtered to avoid any other irrelevant information. If you are preparing for entrance exams like IIT JEE Main, then self-study and personal research will be very helpful for you to be aware of your preparation status.

3)Scan and Solve:

Integrating technology seamlessly and effectively with education, online applications like Kunduz provide scan and solve solutions. Solving a doubt only requires an image clicked by a smartphone and uploaded on the portal. A subject expert then goes through the doubt and then sends a personalized solution or answer to it within a short space of time.

This new way of doubt solving is incredibly efficient and saves a lot of time and effort. Further discussions on the given solutions can help to further clear the concept and help prepare better.

Such ways have made the process of solving a doubt much faster today and have made preparing for an exam a lot easier. Proper use of technology and the internet has made the process more streamlined and opened many avenues for doubt solving, creating a quick way of clearing concepts and progressing forward during preparation. There are a plethora of problems in books like RS Agarwal, HC verma, RD Sharma, doubt solving apps can greatly help you solve more questions in less time.

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