Textbooks – An Important Element for Students

In a student’s life, books play a significant role which is one of the most common resources in the classroom. Textbooks are essential for learning as it provides a detailed sequence of what to do and when to do it. It is an excellent teaching aid for both teachers and students. In school, students are given textbooks and workbooks and they should pay attention to it in class as these textbooks are considered as instruction manuals for students while studying. Textbooks provide organized units of work which give students all the lessons they need to cover.

While teaching students, teachers should remember that textbooks are a very important tool in teaching arsenal. According to some teachers, learning through textbooks is outdated or insufficiently covers a topic or subject area. But, in a school environment, books are always there to guide students and pave the way how lessons and discussions inside the classroom will flow. Textbooks are prescribed to the students from their official boards. Students of CBSE refer NCERT textbooks, different state boards publish their own textbooks like UP Board Class 9 students follow textbooks prescribed by the official board.

Reading through their respective textbook will help them to improve their memory and it will also stretch their memory muscles because they have to memorize a lot of things like plot, lines, facts and figures, etc. Students should read textbooks to boost their creativity. Being able to write creatively will help students in their future studies. Textbooks provide detailed information about the course content which also includes the syllabus, sub-topics, chapters, important questions, etc which help students to prepare confidently for the exam.

Students develop their analytical skills by reading through textbooks. It helps them to study subjects with more ease and retain the knowledge received from the subject which makes them more knowledgeable. Most of the students avoid reading textbooks due to lack of interest in content, underestimate the importance of textbooks, etc. But, to clear the final examination students need to have thorough knowledge about their respective subject textbook.

For every subject, students need to learn concepts from the respective textbooks, whether they like it or not because most of the questions asked in the exams are prepared referring to the subject textbooks. Students along with textbooks should also take help of their respective textbooks solutions while solving questions provided in textbooks. Students of CBSE board prefer NCERT solutions and state board students follow their respective board textbook solutions such as UP Board Class 9 students can refer to their UP Board Class 9 Solutions textbook for reference. To score good marks in exams, students should go through their respective textbooks.

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