Student resume – how to write your first resume?

If you are close to graduation or you would like to start your first job before finishing your education, you should start preparing your first resume. Check out our useful tips on how to do that!

First resume – what to write if you don’t have any experience?

First resume might be the most stresfull one to prepare: after all, when writing down the second, third or any other version of the resume, you know – more or less – what to put the and also, you have some experience. But don’t worry: even if you don’t have any experience, you can prepare a shining resume!

Choose a template

First step is choosing the right template for you. Just pick something you feel comfortable with and find it elegant – most of the templates you can find online are good enough to work with! Free resume templates on –

Double check your contact info!

One of the most important parts of your resume is obviously the contact information – without it your potential employer won’t have the slightest chance to get in touch with you and offer you a job or at least an interview, which is also a valuable experience.

Detailed education information

If you are writing your first resume, you obviously don’t have any job experience, but don’t worry: we’ve all been there! Just give detailed information about your education instead of listing your jobs and responsibilities. When you are a fresh graduate, information about your academical knowledge might be as valuable for your future employee as the job experience list! Did you participate in any form of volunteering? You can also list that information – it’s good to make it visible, that you were spending your free time productively.

Focus on your skills and assets

As you can imagine, even the best list of your education information won’t let the potential employer know what kind of worker you might be. That’s why you should focus on your strengths and skill you’ve obtained during all the years of your education.

Don’t make it too long!

Without any job experience you might feel tempted to make the resume look longer, but it’s not a good idea. Stick to the good, old one page long document – this way you will be able to put all the important information in the resume and at the same time, it will be visually accessible for the recipient of it.

If you’ll stick to the above pointers, you will most likely get a job in no time. Just keep in mind, that before you can get a really well paid job, you need to gain some experience – put yourself in the spot of the employee: wouldn’t you pick the more experienced person, if you had a choice? That being said – good luck on starting your career!

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