Know About Four Different Types Of English Languages

English is one of the most widely spoken languages as it is an international language. Moreover, it is the official language used as a common communication medium for multiple purposes worldwide. And that’s why it is essential for every person to learn to speak and write fluent English. In addition, you should Falar for various purposes, for example, for further studies, working or dealing with international clients, travel to different countries, boosting job opportunities, personality, confidence, learning other languages, and many other purposes.

If you are an English language learner, then it is not only required to learn to speak and write it. You should also know about the other related information. You should learn English and know about its different types, history, rules, regulations, etc. So, do you know that there are different types of English languages? Yes, there are various types of English languages you should know about, which are as follows;

British english –

The first type of English is British english. It is spoken and written in the UK (United Kingdom). British English is different from other English languages in many ways. For example, the pronunciation of words, accent, spellings, grammatical rules, vocabulary, punctuation, idioms, and formatting is different in British English than in other English languages. So if you want to learn the British language first, you should aprender inglês language basics.

American English –

American is also known as US (United States) English as it has spoken and written in the United States. American English is one of the most spoken english languages worldwide. However, it has many variations compared to other English languages, such as pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. For example, in American English, honour is written as honor and biscuit as a cookie. American English also has a different accent. Therefore, it is not easy to learn an American English accent, but you should practice a lot if you want to speak American English.

Canadian English –

Canadian English is a type of English language spoken and written in Canada. The spellings in Canadian English are a mixture of British English, Quebec, French, and American English. Canadian and American English are different in many ways, but one significant difference is that their vocabulary is entirely different.

Australian english –

Australian English is spoken and written in Australia. It is the first official language of Australia. There was a time when Austria did not have any official language, and English was the first language spoken for official purposes in Australia. It is quite similar to the British language. The spellings in the Australian language is very likely to be the same as in British English, but the accent of both languages are different.

So, these are four different types of English languages that you should know. So along with learning the basic English language, you should also learn the different English languages. If you are fluent in speaking and writing basic English, you can easily learn the different English languages. So, first you should learn basic english then you practice speaking and writing the other english lanuages.

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