Getting Your Family Settled In Bangkok

Moving your family to Bangkok can be a massive step, and you will want to do everything you can to help your family settle in as quickly as you can. You can do many things to help your family settle and make your new home in the Big Mango. Below are some tips to help you settle in and start to enjoy your life in Bangkok, that you may find useful.

Choosing An Area To Settle In

Bangkok is a massive city that seems to sprawl on forever, and you are going to have to decide which part of the city you want to live. If you are working in Bangkok, you will want to try and live as close to your office as you can, which will help reduce your commute every day, and it is the same with the schools for the children.

Your Accommodation

You will also have to decide what type of accommodation you want when moving to Bangkok, and there are various options available to you. You can rent a house on an ordinary street, rent one on a private gated estate, and you also have the option of renting or buying a condo, and there is plenty of availability. Choosing to live in a condo can often get you closer to the centre of town, making your daily commute much more comfortable, and that of your children.


When you are looking for the best pre-school Bangkok has many options available, and you will need to visit the ones in the local area where you are considering living to see which one you prefer. Ensure you bring your children along and give them a say in which school they go to, which will help them feel included.

Getting Around The City

Getting around Bangkok can be simple, but it can also be a pain when it is raining, whether you use public transport or have your own. It is easier to get around the city using the MRT or BTS transport systems, but there are other options. There are plenty of taxis that you can use and ride-hailing apps such as Grab, and there are also motorbike taxis, tuk-tuks, buses, and river taxis which can aid you getting around town.

Learn The Language

One of the best ways to settle into Bangkok living quickly is to learn the Thai language, which will make your life much more straightforward. You can take online classes or visit one of the many language schools throughout the city. Learning the language may pay massive dividends, including saving money and helping the locals accept you.

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