Essential Aspects of an Early Learning Program

If you are a parent who wants the best for your child, choosing the right kindergarten school is essential, and as every school has their own unique approach to learning, you have to consider numerous aspects. Here are some of the elements to look for when searching for an early learning program for your son or daughter.

  • (I) Child Centered – If, for example, you are looking for an American school in Bangkok, there is one that closely follows a child-centered curriculum, which bases the content on the children’s interests. If the children are learning about things of high interest, they are more motivated and easily engage, and this concept is widely accepted as the optimum way to engage young learners.
  • (II) Arts Focused – Every kindergarten program should involve art as a medium of expression; dance, movement, painting, using clay; all these activities have a place in kindergarten classrooms, and the children should be encouraged to express themselves at all times. Children should be given at least one hour a day for free play, when they can engage in one of the activities provided, and this might be split into two periods, one in the morning and one after lunch.
  • (III) Outdoor Learning – The school gardens would be an integral part of the learning environment, as young children should form a solid connection with the natural world around them. Growing vegetables helps the kids to understand nature and many activities would be based around Mother Nature.
  • (IV) Parental Participation – If you are not involved with your child’s schooling, you will not be able to offer the right support, plus you should be aware of your child’s progress, helping them with anything they are uncertain about. Take the time to chat with the homeroom teacher on a daily basis, talking about the day’s activities and your child in general.
  • (V) English Language – If you live in an Asian country, English is a vital skill that is best learned at a very early age, so look for a school that only employs US teachers, who will model the correct pronounciation.

The best place to start your quest for the right school is with a Google search, then you can create a shortlist of schools to visit and make sure to look for all of the above. Choose wisely and your child will develop in all the right ways, ready to begin their 12 years of formal education, and become a productive member of society,




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