Australian College Rankings – An Evaluation

Do you know the top Australian Universities? There’s no official government ranking of universities around australia. However there’s numerous college league tables created each year by relevant physiques like the Melbourne Institute, The Australian Newspaper, The Great Universities Guide, THES and Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s academic ranking of world universities.

The Melbourne Institute (run by the College of Melbourne) has created its very own ranking from the worldwide standing of Australian universities. This ranking is dependant on numerous performance indicators for example worldwide standing of staff, views of Deans and CEOs, sources, undergraduate programs, undergraduate intake and graduate programs.

Based on Melbourne Institute 2007 the very best ten Australian Universities (so as of ranking) are: Australian National College (ANU), College of Melbourne, College of Sydney, College of Queensland, College of Nsw (UNSW), Monash College, College of Wa (UWA), College of Adelaide, Macquarie College and Queensland College of Technology. Out of this ranking ANU was the main Australian college when it comes to worldwide standing and status, adopted by Melbourne and Sydney. Is that this result representative? Wish to consider evaluate and compare it using the other two famous worldwide league tables – THES and Academic ranking of world universities (ARWU).

Ranking Comparison:

– Their email list of top four universities created through the Melbourne Institute are identical in ranking order as THES and ARWU 2007. We’re confident to state that they’re the very best Four – ANU, Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland.

– Number of Eight (Go8) Universities are some of the top 8 universities as rated through the three different league tables. Included in this are the very best Four and all of those other group – UNSW, Monash, UWA and Adelaide.

– Macquarie and QUT are some of the top list (after Go8) within the Melbourne Institute and THES league tables.

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